Definition of percussive in English:



  • Relating to or produced by percussion.

    ‘percussive sounds’
    • ‘It's a very odd, percussive work, which sounds very modern despite being written in 1932.’
    • ‘They have created a rhythmic melange of percussive sounds from Brazilian, African and Indian sources.’
    • ‘His sorrowful songs are more cautious this time, his percussive guitar sounds less prominent, while his noisy, electric numbers need more wild fury.’
    • ‘Theirs is a dark, driving, percussive sound, charged with melancholic energy, and yes, very much a Polish sound.’
    • ‘Despite the lack of rhythm in these pieces, a rich base of percussive sound has also been tapped - though only the very brave would attempt to dance to them.’
    • ‘This is a pounding tribal techno track, complete with various jungle animal sound effects and thumping percussive loops.’
    • ‘The dancer wears special shoes with metal cleats so that when the toe or heel is tapped on the floor it makes a distinctive percussive sound.’
    • ‘The balls make a percussive and melodic sound, whose pitch depends on how fast the ball is moving when it hits the line.’
    • ‘She begins her study with sliding the feet against the floor, slowly introducing us to a percussive sound that builds in rhythm and dynamic.’
    • ‘For nearly four decades his revolutionary percussive sound fuelled perhaps the world's greatest rock band.’
    • ‘Two distant percussive thuds, like a car door being slammed, sound from across the river and two more shells barrel overhead with a low growl.’
    • ‘That sound adds to the percussive elements of the performance, and also creates yet another pattern of motion.’
    • ‘There are metallic overtones and an accompanying percussive sound, as if something were pounding upon an electric guitar's strings.’
    • ‘Warm melodic figures are juxtaposed with harsher percussive patterns, setting up some fascinating contrasts in sound.’
    • ‘With the help of little percussive sounds, he broke up the linearity of the main texture of flux.’
    • ‘His touch and tone are wonderful, and on the solo pieces his use of percussive sounds, banging chords, glowering bass figures and scampering uptempo lines make him sound like an innovator.’
    • ‘Chiefly, this isn't a percussive rave with ornamental sound effects; it's a remarkably rich tonal atmosphere with subtle rhythmic propulsion.’
    • ‘The wild and provocative intonations of the danse du ventre hit our ears as one dancer broke into convulsive movement, arms, legs, torsos echoing the percussive sounds in angular responses.’
    • ‘Rather than the guitar, Cuban musicians have always favoured the tres, an acoustic instrument with three pairs of strings and a quite different, harsher and more percussive sound.’
    • ‘Featuring on the show will be percussive sounds and harmonies of African music across the continent.’