Definition of perciform in English:



  • Relating to fishes of an order (Perciformes ) that comprises those resembling the perches. This is the largest vertebrate order and includes nearly half of all bony fishes.

    • ‘We expect pectoral-fin base orientation to show a more direct relationship to turning performance in taxa with similar body forms (e.g., short-bodied perciform fishes).’
    • ‘For perciform fishes, the pectoral fin and tail are known to play important roles in propulsion and there is now a substantial literature on the function of these fins.’
    • ‘A similar lack of fossil records has also been suggested for perciform families, some teleostean orders, and mammalian and avian orders.’
    • ‘More derived taxa commonly possess fins located higher on the body, near the center of mass of the animal, with more vertically oriented insertions (e.g., perciform fishes).’
    • ‘This perciform fish family is one of the most species-rich families of vertebrates with at least 1,300 and perhaps as many as 1,870 species.’


  • A perciform fish.

    • ‘Among basal taxa, for instance, Polypterus exhibits nearly vertically inclined pectoral fins; among perciforms, some labroid fishes show more horizontal fin bases.’
    • ‘Primers designed to amplify and sequence the same genes of perciforms were useful in the present study.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Perciformes (plural), from Latin perca ‘perch’ + forma ‘shape’.