Definition of perambulatory in English:



  • See perambulate

    • ‘This perambulatory exercise ate up around six minutes of my precious time.’
    • ‘His solution to this perambulatory nightmare is as brilliant as it is simple: said vehicles must play ringtones to warn pedestrians of their approach.’
    • ‘He completely ruined the naturalness of candid cinematography by goofily looking into the lens as it filmed each shuffling step of his perambulatory progress.’
    • ‘He hadn't the same depth of body either; while the lab coat made it difficult to discern his exact form, he at least didn't appear to be a perambulatory egg.’
    • ‘The setting was an austere series of steel framed towers and perambulatory inserts, which appeared whenever the plot reared its ugly head, but otherwise left the stage clear for the dancing.’