Definition of perambulator in English:



  • 1British dated A pram.

    • ‘Only the coaches and perambulators are in motion.’
    • ‘In fact, in many ways, his ejection of playthings from his perambulator has left me free to make vastly superior new arrangements concerning a couple of products, much to my satisfaction.’
    • ‘A huge chart had various action poses of the pachyderm such as catching butterflies, fishing, sleeping, walking with shorts, pushing a baby elephant in a perambulator and sitting on a drum eating ice cream.’
    • ‘But his father sat still, smiling mildly, swathed in the blanket, like a baby in a perambulator.’
    • ‘The fist-fighters of to-day are like babies wheeled about in their perambulators.’
  • 2humorous, formal A person who walks, especially for pleasure and in a leisurely way.


Early 17th century (in perambulator (sense 2)): from perambulate.