Definition of peraluminous in English:



  • (of an igneous rock) containing a higher proportion of aluminium than of sodium and potassium (taken together).

    • ‘A poorly exposed but geochemically distinct suite of peraluminous granites occurs in the Buchan terrain.’
    • ‘Future work on the beryl occurrences that are not associated with peraluminous granites might help shed light on beryl genesis.’
    • ‘The migmatites are spatially and temporally related to poorly exposed peraluminous intrusions such as the Strichen granite.’
    • ‘Although biotite is capable of this, other minerals such as muscovite, garnet and cordierite are more efficient and preferentially occur in strongly peraluminous rocks.’
    • ‘In keeping with their amphibole content, almost all the samples are metaluminous to slightly peraluminous.’