Definition of peralkaline in English:



  • (of an igneous rock) containing a higher proportion (taken together) of sodium and potassium than of aluminium.

    • ‘This suggests that the peralkaline volcanic magma was derived from a lithospheric mantle source that had not been previously depleted in incompatible elements.’
    • ‘Finally, the eastern side of the mountain (122 million years old) is mostly peralkaline nepheline syenites and porphyrites.’
    • ‘To calibrate major elements, two peralkaline rhyolitic glasses were used.’
    • ‘Continental rifting started in the Early Cambrian with intrusion of crust-derived metaluminous to slightly peraluminous A-type granites, and culminated in the Mid-Cambrian with eruption of peralkaline rhyolites.’
    • ‘During the mid-1980s to early 1990s more research took place that involved detailed petrographical and geochemical studies on the syenites, alkaline, and peralkaline rocks.’