Definition of per curiam in English:

per curiam

adjective & adverb

  • By or denoting decision of an appellate court in unanimous agreement, written anonymously.

    as adverb ‘an analysis as to whether the case should be decided per curiam’
    • ‘The Supreme Court issued its per curiam opinion requesting further information on what basis the Florida Supreme Court obtained its seemingly absurd opinion.’
    • ‘The court of appeals affirmed per curiam a dismissal by the district court for want of subject matter jurisdiction.’
    • ‘While law geeks everywhere were focused on the nomination today, it is worth noting that the Supreme Court issued two per curiam summary reversals this morning.’
    • ‘Tradition holds that the court's per curiam opinion in such ties is usually very, very terse, often consisting of no more than a single sentence: ‘The judgment is affirmed by an equally divided court.’’
    • ‘The Supreme Court issued a very short per curiam opinion saying without analysis that this was impermissible.’


  • A decision taken per curiam.

    ‘in only a few cases did the panel publish a per curiam’


Latin, literally ‘by a court’.


per curiam