Definition of per in English:



  • 1For each (used with units to express a rate)

    ‘he charges £2 per square yard’
    • ‘The only evidence of the cost of repainting was expressed in terms of a rate per square metre.’
    • ‘By the winter artillery ammunition had been rationed to one or two shells per gun per day.’
    • ‘Are we limited to a total of three bags for the whole house or three bags per unit?’
    • ‘Only two swimmers per country, per individual event, are allowed to compete.’
    • ‘All measurements were determined on a per plant basis by dividing each variable by the plant number per plot.’
    • ‘Her respiratory rate was 36 breaths per minute with rapid and shallow breathing.’
    • ‘It is calculated by dividing the share price by the company's earnings per share.’
    • ‘The service will operate four days per week, in each direction between the two cities.’
    • ‘The price per slave, then, is this total cost divided by the number of slaves in the lot.’
    • ‘The charge of this card per minute is a little bit higher than the monthly subscription model.’
    • ‘It lists some of the channels available in the UK and how much they cost us, per person, per week.’
    • ‘For the cued recall test, the 28 adjectives were typed one per line on a sheet of paper.’
    • ‘Benefits were being paid to her daughter of £330 per week direct by credit transfer.’
    • ‘The fact that the cost per unit of his pesticides has risen, makes the effect more dramatic.’
    • ‘Set a time limit for the number of hours per day or per week you will devote to television.’
    • ‘The means of 10 replications per line were used in the data analysis for each trait.’
    • ‘The average cost per household is obtained by dividing the precept by the number of households in the town.’
    • ‘In the last week of March, houses in the city were being sold at the rate of 400 per day.’
    • ‘What these cowboys do is produce a measuring stick and quote what seems a cheap price per line on the stick.’
    • ‘Results presented are the mean of measurements from a minimum of five plants per line from two harvests.’
    to, per, every, each
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  • 2archaic By means of.

    ‘send it per express’
  • 3Heraldry
    Divided by a line in the direction of.

    ‘per saltire’


  • as per

    • In accordance with.

      ‘made as per instructions’
      • ‘The road was not widened in the last 15 days as per the police's comment in the report.’
      • ‘Two years ago, I bought a tree fern and potted it as per instructions.’
      • ‘The centre may be notifying shortly the gold deposit scheme as per the Income Tax Act.’
      • ‘The passengers escaped through windows, exactly as per the instructions given on every train.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, cook the noodles as per pack instructions, then drain, reserving some of the cooking liquid.’
      • ‘These treatments are as per the recommendations of the University of Agricultural Sciences.’
      • ‘Cook the spaghetti in salted water as per the instructions on the packet.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, cook the pasta as per pack instructions in a large pan of boiling water.’
      • ‘I understand the machinery will be silent, as per university policy, during the exam period.’
      • ‘I consulted a dermatologist and as per his advice applied steroid ointment.’
      as specified by, as per, in accordance with, in compliance with, in agreement with, in line with, in keeping with, commensurate with, in harmony with, in conformity with, in obedience to, true to, in fulfilment of, following, honouring, heeding, observing
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  • as per usual

    • As usual.

      • ‘And, as per usual with any politician, the data appears to have been cherry-picked to create the worse possible scenario.’
      • ‘So I was at the mall having lunch today, as per usual.’
      • ‘This summer, as per usual, they were a main attraction at gigs up and down New Zealand.’
      • ‘Or would things just keep going on as per usual with maybe a few people chiming in about his edgy new style and crackerjack reporting?’
      • ‘Anyway, as per usual, I'm going to swan off home now!’
      • ‘I'd been at a party, and had a few drinks, as per usual.’
      • ‘His paper was funny and interesting as per usual.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, go about your daily business as per usual.’
      • ‘We arrived at the restaurant as per usual and were happy to see that the sign in the front window declared it was open for lunch on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from 11AM.’
      • ‘My designer showed up a little after for a meeting, and, as per usual, we both spoke to each other quickly and loudly, though with affection.’


Latin, ‘through, by means of’; partly via Old French.