Definition of pepper tree in English:

pepper tree


  • Any of a number of shrubs or trees that have aromatic leaves or fruit with a smell like that of pepper.

    another term for kawa-kawa

    an evergreen Peruvian tree, grown as a shade tree in hot countries (Schinus molle, family Anacardiaceae).

    • ‘He claimed that he could in some sense merge with the insects and the leaves on the pepper tree.’
    • ‘The pepper tree is a climber; on plantations it is usually grown on other trees - betel, palm, or mango - as its cordlike stems need support.’
    • ‘Breakfast is taken either on the verandah or beneath a pepper tree in the garden and it is here that the schedule is drawn up for the day.’
    • ‘Those exotics, which are considered nuisance plants, include Brazilian pepper trees and Australian pines.’
    • ‘Here's a great way to show off the beautiful red berries of the California pepper tree.’