Definition of pepper pot in English:

pepper pot


  • 1North American A container with a perforated top for sprinkling pepper.

    • ‘Oh, what mismatched ceramic salt and pepper shakers I could be saving.’
    • ‘A white metal tea strainer, white metal cup and salt and pepper shakers also made the list.’
    • ‘Planters are hand-painted with poppies, and salt jars and pepper pots are fashioned in the shape of pigs.’
    • ‘Be sure to check out the salt and pepper shakers.’
    • ‘A small fridge is nestled beside him, salt and pepper shakers stand in the centre console and a bed stretches behind the seats.’
    • ‘I nervously started rearranging the napkins, ketchup bottle, salt and pepper shakers, and the two menus in some weird fortress thing on the edge of the table, closest to the window.’
    • ‘My aunt got me a switchplate painted with cats and a stuffed pig toy, and my folks also got me this really nice wooden napkin holder with matching salt and pepper shakers - painted with cats.’
    • ‘Salt and pepper shakers were replaced by single-serve sachets.’
    • ‘She took the pepper shaker and smashed it against the ground.’
    • ‘Likewise, make sure there are enough salt and pepper shakers and butter dishes.’
    • ‘Comprised primarily of mugs, jugs, pepper pots, and bowls, the collection also includes such rare pieces as a plant pot with matching saucer, a mug with its original cover, a covered sugar bowl, and a unique French water cooler.’
    • ‘She'll analyse and dissect everything from 19th century Russian literature to salt and pepper shakers in pubs.’
    • ‘Look at these funky little salt and pepper shakers.’
    • ‘Her favorite hobby was collecting her many salt and pepper shakers.’
    • ‘I filled it out, and put it in the envelope, and licked it and stuck it, and set it on the kitchen table standing up against the salt and pepper shakers.’
    • ‘It is the exception - no check tablecloths or giant pepper pots, just outstanding cooking, sleek modern decor and friendly staff.’
    • ‘They were a unit, inseparable, like two antique salt and pepper shakers that only make sense if the other one is close by.’
    • ‘The people learned how to make ceramic items in turtle shapes and designs, such as salt and pepper shakers, wine coolers, and napkin holders.’
    • ‘I'm just taking pictures of the salt and pepper shakers.’
    • ‘Her gallery carries a variety of items, such as jewelry, photo frames, perfume bottles, vases, salt and pepper shakers, serving platters, utensils, decorative bowls and even a few accessories such as purses and cosmetic bags.’
  • 2A West Indian dish consisting of stewed meat or fish with vegetables, typically flavoured with cassareep.

    • ‘Women gather peppers and aurosa daily for the pepper pot, a soup that forms part of every meal.’
    • ‘Patties, which are hot and spicy, turtle soup, and pepper pot may contain meats such as pork and beef, as well as greens such as okra and kale.’
    • ‘A tasty Amerindian dish, called the pepper pot, is a spicy stew that is a typical Guyanese meal.’
    • ‘Its unique flavour is essential to the W. Indian stew pepper pot.’


pepper pot