Definition of peplos in English:



  • A rich outer robe or shawl worn by women in ancient Greece, hanging in loose folds and sometimes drawn over the head.

    • ‘I was still dressed in my peplos and himation but they were soiled.’
    • ‘I pulled off my peplos angrily and threw it aside.’
    • ‘I was about to stop her when she dropped her peplos.’
    • ‘So expert advice was available to Durer on how to adapt the astronomical devices from Geometry's peplos to more contemporary interests.’
    • ‘Women of Athens wove the peplos or robe to be presented to the statue of Athena Polias on the Acropolis, embroidered with a scene of the battle with the Giants.’
    • ‘I wrapped a himation around myself and dressed in a peplos.’
    • ‘I felt his tears through the thin linen of my peplos.’
    • ‘I stepped on her peplos so she wouldn't be able to pull herself up and run away.’
    • ‘Here the goddess wears her high-crested helmet, and a himation replaces her aegis over the peplos.’
    • ‘I dried myself the best I could and was hesitant to wrap myself in the peplos and then the himation and finally the veil.’
    • ‘Her arms were scraped, her himation had torn off, and her peplos was tearing.’
    • ‘Picking up the skirts of her peplos, she ran towards me.’
    • ‘Putting the peplos on the talisman was an act of simple magic.’
    • ‘I dressed in my favorite blue peplos with a belt of gold rope.’
    • ‘Clad in the white peplos of a Greek goddess and elegantly coiffed, she gazes unemotional and aloof at the grisly head on her platter.’
    • ‘I cried, cursing the skirts of the peplos as I ran.’
    • ‘Her himation is pulled up over her head, and covers much of her peplos, which is decorated with a dotted lozenge.’
    • ‘She began to fidget, clutching her peplos and grasping it tightly until her knuckles turned white.’
    • ‘The long blonde curls piled high on her head with glorious cascades of golden silk falling against the top of her classical Greek peplos.’
    • ‘I shrugged off the peplos on my right shoulder.’