Definition of people watching in English:

people watching


mass noun
  • The action or practice of spending time idly observing people in a public place.

    ‘each seat has a view of the park across the street and is perfect for people watching’
    • ‘When I walk around campus between classes, people-watching is one of my favourite hobbies.’
    • ‘City planners believed that people's taste for green space, for ornament, for people watching, for cozy places for intimate social gatherings, were just social constructions.’
    • ‘People watching in the Eternal City is almost as fascinating as examining the more ancient Roman artefacts.’
    • ‘The main draw is the people watching.’
    • ‘I love people watching - and what a great opportunity to watch so closely, tracking relationships and seeing them evolve in such an extraordinary environment.’
    • ‘The masquerade-goers are gathering, which makes for good people-watching.’
    • ‘It was a great opportunity for a mix of random reminiscences and idle people-watching (always one of my favourite pastimes).’
    • ‘The outdoor cafe is perfect for people watching and perfect for leisurely afternoon chats over tea, coffee, or drinks.’
    • ‘"It's the epitome of the beautiful, modern hotel, with great people-watching."’
    • ‘When you can find some elbow-room and a beer, the people watching is fabulous.’