Definition of people-oriented in English:


(British people-orientated)


  • Skilled at or focused on interaction with people.

    ‘a people-oriented business like consulting’
    • ‘Globalisation has dug in so deep and expanded so fast that resistance is fruitless unless carried out on a people-oriented macro scale.’
    • ‘I spent my time in the Army trying to be a people-oriented type of leader.’
    • ‘I am basically a people-oriented person.’
    • ‘They have selected the career of an analyst rather than a more public and people-oriented career in part because they like to work on their own.’
    • ‘He also stressed that a new emphasis for the fund would be in the area of "people-oriented reconciliation".’
    • ‘I'm not saying that the deep thinkers should replace the jovial people-oriented executives.’
    • ‘Mostly I am aware of the sea as an active part of the people-oriented geography.’
    • ‘She was a hard worker, a very thorough, task-oriented yet people-oriented person.’
    • ‘I wanted to join a company with career growth opportunities both domestically and internationally, excellent financial performance, and people-oriented culture.’
    • ‘We want development to be more people-oriented.’
    • ‘The firm, celebrated for its imaginative, site-specific, people-oriented workmanship, has earned previous recognition for groundbreaking work in housing and community-based projects.’
    • ‘The class of news and information with the greatest potential to increase readership is local news and announcements, particularly of a people-oriented type.’
    • ‘Girls were more likely to be people-oriented and placed a higher value on English than mathematics, while boys ranked the value of mathematics more highly.’
    • ‘More and more fees are brought in, and the idea of a people-oriented education enriching the whole community is not even in the debate.’
    • ‘His early days were spent working on people-oriented technology with various science associations.’
    • ‘More women gravitate toward work that's nurturing and people-oriented.’
    • ‘The movement represented a return to grassroots and people-oriented politics.’
    • ‘Men and women who fill these positions are people-oriented, competent managers, who are committed to improving their communities and the future of our society.’
    • ‘His vision focuses on values-based leadership, is people-oriented, open and accessible, and empowers and emphasises people to get the right results.’
    • ‘Men, like women, are perfectly able to be people-oriented leaders, caring parents, good listeners, and true friends in time of need.’
    outgoing, hail-fellow-well-met, extroverted, sociable, gregarious, socializing, social, genial, cordial, affable, friendly, lively, exuberant, uninhibited, unreserved, demonstrative
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