Definition of pentose in English:



  • Any of the class of simple sugars whose molecules contain five carbon atoms, such as ribose and xylose. They generally have the chemical formula C₅H₁₀O₅.

    • ‘The salvage pathways combine adenine with a pentose to alter the adenosine nucleotide pool inventory.’
    • ‘This is an important point since this enzyme plays an essential role in the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway and, therefore, in plant metabolism.’
    • ‘In fact as much as 10% of glucose consumption, by erythrocytes, may be mediated by the pentose phosphate pathway.’
    • ‘The pentose sugars, whose molecules contain only five carbon atoms instead of six, caramelize very well.’
    • ‘The pentose phosphate pathway is primarily an anabolic pathway that utilizes the 6 carbons of glucose to generate 5 carbon sugars and reducing equivalents.’


Late 19th century: from penta- ‘five’ + -ose.