Definition of pentaploid in English:



  • 1(of a cell or nucleus) containing five homologous sets of chromosomes.

    • ‘For example, the triploid primary endosperm nucleus of Triticum aestivum has in prophase a DNA content of 6C, while the pentaploid primary endosperm nucleus of Gagea lutea has in prophase a DNA content of 10C.’
    • ‘DAPI-stained chromosomes of a PMC at metaphase I of the pentaploid S - 41 from the cross H. megalanthus x H. monacanthus.’
    • ‘Figure 2E, F, for example, shows a pentaploid cell with 14 chromosomes of the A genome and 21 of the B genome.’
    1. 1.1 (of an organism or species) composed of pentaploid cells.
      • ‘Outbreeding leads to permanent pentaploid organisms, which are matroclinal in characters due to the differential contribution of maternal and paternal genomes.’


  • A pentaploid organism, variety, or species.

    • ‘Some pentaploid plant regenerants had spike morphology similar to that of hexaploid wheat.’
    • ‘The diploid, the triploid and the pentaploid hybrids tested had the expected number of two, three and five rDNA hybridization sites, respectively.’
    • ‘Of the seven plants studied, one pentaploid hybrid was identified.’
    • ‘Intergeneric-interploidy hybridization between Hylocereus species and S. megalanthus yielded triploids, pentaploids, hexaploids, and aneuploid hybrids.’
    • ‘The reciprocal cross in which tetraploid PAX was used as the seed parent produced only pentaploid offspring, indicating that PAX produced unreduced egg cells that were fertilized (P. J. VAN DIJK, unpublished data).’