Definition of pentangle in English:



  • another term for pentagram
    • ‘Just like the pentangle, the knight's five senses were free of sin, his five fingers never failed him, and all of his earthly hope was contained in Christ's five wounds on the cross.’
    • ‘It represents at once the idea of protection from earthly harm, and with the pentangle symbol, the profound Christianity (and thus heavenly protection) that was necessary to knights' culture.’
    • ‘I was told it was something to do with the transit of Venus and the pentangle and the eight points.’
    • ‘The pentangle was a threat; she claimed the talisman had a spell on it that would cause Phil's death.’
    • ‘Furthermore, some mystics claim that if one stares at a small pentangle long enough one will see that all triangles end in a circle with five sides.’


Late Middle English: perhaps from medieval Latin pentaculum ‘pentacle’ ( -aculum assimilated to Latin angulus ‘an angle’).