Definition of pentamerous in English:



Zoology Botany
  • 1Having parts arranged in groups of five.

    • ‘The large number of strictly pentamerous families of starfish support the interpretation that there is ‘rigid control’ of pentamerism.’
    • ‘The zygomorphic, pentamerous and spurred flowers are approximately 15 x 12 mm in diameter.’
    • ‘Most basal Eudicots are dimerous or trimerous, with only occasionally pentamerous types (Sabiaceae, Ranunculaceae) which represent homoplasious trends.’
    • ‘He expressed the possibility that the pentamerous condition of the water vascular system might be ‘rigidly programmed into the developmental process.’’
    • ‘These species are notable for the plesiomorphic retention of venation (albeit already quite reduced) in their tegmina, segmented cerci, and pentamerous tarsi.’
    1. 1.1 Consisting of five joints or parts.
      Compare with pentameral