Definition of pentagonal in English:



  • See pentagon

    • ‘The Sergeant gave her a pentagonal shaped cabin slightly larger, slightly more comfortable than the one she had had downstairs, sporting retractable shelves which sprung out here and there to alter the shape of the room.’
    • ‘Here are two pictures of the pentagonal coffee table that I mentioned in the book.’
    • ‘The kitchen juts out from the dining room and has a breakfast area with a pentagonal roof light.’
    • ‘I managed to fit all the yellow nets for the pentagonal prism, pentagonal antiprism, and pentagrammic prism all on one page.’
    • ‘This only occurs at the time when the pentagonal symmetry of the flower becomes visible and organ identity genes are expressed.’
    • ‘Ring compounds most often contain five or six atoms to form pentagonal or hexagonal structures.’
    • ‘A belt was wrapped around their waists, bearing a pair of scabbards and two small, pentagonal shields.’