Definition of pentachlorophenol in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A colourless crystalline synthetic compound used in insecticides, fungicides, weedkillers, and wood preservatives.

    Chemical formula: C₆Cl₅OH

    • ‘To prevent the anti-sap stain, we used to put wood through the boric bath, to which pentachlorophenol and organochlorine were added for cosmetic reasons.’
    • ‘Fungicides are commonly applied to outdoor plants, soil, and grains as a dust or spray - examples include hexachlorobenzene, organomercurials, pentachlorophenol, phthalimides, and dithiocarbamates.’
    • ‘The dioxins in pentachlorophenol are toxic, causing health problems from severe skin rashes to liver damage and possible cancer.’
    • ‘Samples with high dioxin levels were found to have come from animals raised in barns or pens containing posts that had been treated with dioxin-containing pentachlorophenol to prevent rotting.’
    • ‘Deregistering pentachlorophenol, a chemical used for treating timber in New Zealand, in 1991.’