Definition of pensionable in English:



  • Entitling to or qualifying for a pension.

    ‘women over pensionable age’
    • ‘It used to take five years of pensionable service before employees enjoyed this flexibility.’
    • ‘If you have a permanent pensionable job to return to, you are in an even stronger bargaining position.’
    • ‘According to a survey of 200 people in the sector, nearly half of those who left permanent and pensionable jobs to work in interim management said variety and challenge were the main attractions.’
    • ‘Only 49 per cent of private sector workers in pensionable employment are now members of defined benefit schemes.’
    • ‘I've been working on and off since 1987, but I knew that a lot of this employment wasn't pensionable.’
    • ‘If you are a member of an occupational scheme, you are entitled to a maximum of up to 1.5 times your final pensionable salary, depending on your years of service.’
    • ‘The maximum pension is two thirds of final salary, based on 40 years of full pensionable service.’
    • ‘She knows she can retire at 60 and take 25 per cent of the fund value tax-free or €50,000 at pensionable age.’
    • ‘In defined benefit schemes, a member accrues pension benefits based on their service, the amount of pension accrued for each year of service and their pensionable salary.’
    • ‘For individuals in occupational pension schemes the maximum contribution you can make is 15 per cent of your pensionable salary.’
    • ‘As the promise of the pensionable lifelong job continues to fade, careers are becoming more fractured and an increasing number of people are trying several careers during their working lives.’
    • ‘That way you can forget about the money and let it grow until you reach pensionable age.’
    • ‘On reaching pensionable age, you can sell or continue to rent it depending on your requirements at that time.’
    • ‘Jake has twelve years pensionable service with an insurance company.’
    • ‘The company has decided to freeze the level of pensionable salaries for its 10,000 workers.’
    • ‘I had served at the same Canadian university for 35 pensionable years before I retired.’
    • ‘Public and civil servants have the option of buying back years of pensionable service and availing of additional voluntary contribution schemes to top up their pensions.’
    • ‘Alternatively, they can opt for a tax-free lump sum of 1.5 times their final pensionable salary and 50 per cent of this salary as a guaranteed income for life.’
    • ‘Preservation provisions under the Pensions Act arise where employees have at least five years pensionable service with their current employer.’
    • ‘In fact, only about half of my working life to date is made up of pensionable service, which leaves me with a gap of about nine years.’