Definition of pension book in English:

pension book


  • A book of vouchers supplied by the government for the weekly payment of a person's pension.

    • ‘The free gifts of the bulbs will be made to anyone who turns up with a pension book to prove they are a pensioner.’
    • ‘Then he said he needed the national insurance number from my pension book so I went upstairs to get it.’
    • ‘Two years and nine schools later I have not yet clocked up enough teaching days to complete my probation, and now face the prospect of obtaining full registration round about the time I will collect my pension book.’
    • ‘The bag contained the cash, cards and a pension book.’
    • ‘Pensioners are informed of this by the State when they reach State pension age and it is usually shown in the pension book.’
    • ‘The robber took her shopping bag containing her pension book and purse, leaving her with a black eye, broken arm and extensive bruising.’
    • ‘Later that afternoon, bogus callers stole a pension book, door keys and a purse containing bank cards and £60 cash from a 79-year-old woman in Dovercourt.’
    • ‘Then, after asking to see his pension book, they told him as he was a pensioner he was entitled to £5 compensation.’
    • ‘The handbag contained a few pounds in cash, a pension book and a rent book.’
    • ‘You may get aches and pains along with your pension book and your advancing years but you also gain the benefit of having time to dig out the best from your world.’
    • ‘Over time, all of her possessions disappeared, her pension book could never be found and there was never any money or food in the flat.’
    • ‘The same 87-year-old victim was forced to hand over her pension book and cash.’
    • ‘The 66-year-old even admitted he would have been tempted to have taken advantage of the idea, had it been available when he turned 65 and got his pension book last year.’
    • ‘Two men ran off with £25 cash, a pension book and a number of cashcards after duping an 86-year-old woman into allowing them into her home in Princess Road.’
    • ‘Once inside they took her money and her pension book before leaving.’
    • ‘Anything will do - a pension book, driving licence, travel card or something like that.’
    • ‘The thieves, both white, then left with £75 cash and a pension book.’
    • ‘She entered, saying she would help her put the flowers in water and then left with the money and a pension book.’
    • ‘I already have my new pension book with a 2.5 per cent increase in April.’
    • ‘The Government has admitted it will have to retain the pension book or giro system for people who cannot - or simply refuse - to adapt to the changes.’