Definition of Penrose tile in English:

Penrose tile


  • Any of a finite number of shapes that are components of a spatially non-periodic two- or three-dimensional tiling.

    • ‘These don't follow the Penrose tile edge matching rules.’
    • ‘Here are some ready-to-photocopy Penrose tiles for you to photocopy and cut-out and experiment with making tiling patterns.’
    • ‘The classic Penrose tiles consist of two rhombi.’
    • ‘As the first building in the world to use the Penrose tile, the hall indicates our commitment to the forefront of technology and to the scholarships that create it, integrate it and disseminate it.’
    • ‘A square maze of lines set inside a large circle, resembling a Penrose Tile or Escher design.’


1970s: named after Roger Penrose (born 1931), British mathematical physicist.