Definition of Penobscot in English:



  • 1A member of a North American people primarily inhabiting the Penobscot River valley in Maine.

    • ‘Did the Penobscot move west and join with other Native Americans, or did they remain their own people?’
    • ‘The party numbered braves from the Penobscot and Kennebec tribes.’
    • ‘The Penobscot made utensils out of wood or bark.’
  • 2mass noun The extinct Algonquian language of the Penobscot, a dialect of Eastern Abnaki.

    • ‘Amanda said that at first she didn't want to learn Penobscot from someone who wasn't of the tribe but "because the language is very slim and few people speak it, I looked past that."’
    • ‘The Penobscot tribe once spoke Penobscot, a dialect of Abnaki.’


  • Relating to the Penobscot or their language.

    • ‘Representatives of Maine's Penobscot and Passamaquoddy Indians, who assisted the Maliseets in their negotiations with the state, attended the ceremony.’
    • ‘I was raised in Cleveland, and these interlopers don't seem to know or care that the baseball team took its current name in 1915 to honor a popular outfielder, a Penobscot Indian from Maine.’
    • ‘Later, as a captive Indian's servant boy, he experienced life in a Penobscot village during his formative mid-teen adolescence.’


The name in Eastern Abnaki.