Definition of penny post in English:

penny post


  • A system of carrying letters at a charge of one penny, in particular the system established in the UK in 1840 at the instigation of Sir Rowland Hill.

    • ‘Moves towards free trade had led to the abolition of many indirect taxes on goods and services, and in addition the introduction of the penny post in 1840 reduced revenues from the postal services.’
    • ‘During the water mechanization wave, banks were among the first organizations of penny post which partially relied on cheaper transportation costs afforded by the build out of canals throughout England.’
    • ‘By petitions, demonstrations, the mobilization of nonconformity, and the imaginative use of the new penny post, it created a widespread animus against the territorial aristocracy, and against Peel himself.’
    • ‘Love letters were relatively rare before the introduction of Roland Hill's penny post in 1840.’
    • ‘This goes all the way back to the water mechanization wave where banks were among the first organizations to extensively use the penny post.’