Definition of penny black in English:

penny black


  • The world's first adhesive postage stamp, issued in Britain in 1840. It was printed in black with an effigy of Queen Victoria, and had a value of one penny.

    • ‘Everyone knows Rowland Hill invented the penny black and the world was captivated by the idea.’
    • ‘However, if your ‘penny black’ was printed from a rare plate then it could command a price tag of £2,500.’
    • ‘Anyone that knows him will realise that is as rare as a penny black.’
    • ‘They were singing about revolution and sticking penny blacks in an album.’
    • ‘The Glasgow of Collins's youth is something preserved in aspic, a violent place where a teenage boy had to sell his stamp collection - ‘a penny black with four clear margins and a tuppeny blue’ - to buy an electric guitar.’


penny black