Definition of penetrometer in English:



  • An instrument for determining the consistency or hardness of a substance by measuring the depth or rate of penetration of a rod or needle driven into it by a known force.

    • ‘Alert for mines, they tested the runway with a soil penetrometer, a long rod with a cone-shaped end and a sliding weight.’
    • ‘The density of sand was checked by a dynamic penetrometer which was specially fabricated for this purpose.’
    • ‘Fruit firmness, as determined by penetrometer, measures the force required to press a blunt-ended probe into the tissue.’
    • ‘Toughness is often measured with a penetrometer, a device which forces a circular flattened rod through leaf lamina.’
    • ‘There was a significant correlation between the cone penetrometer readings and the nuclear density measurements.’
    • ‘An aluminum stepwedge penetrometer was exposed simultaneously with each radiograph for use as a standard of reference.’
    • ‘In this study, the penetration depth of the penetrometer into the soil was chosen to be 6mm, which is a little larger than the radius of the miniature cone.’
    • ‘The penetrometer value measures the energy required to bury a ball in sand.’
    • ‘Fruits were harvested at full ripeness and the firmness was measured with a penetrometer.’
    • ‘It should be mentioned that the tip of the penetrometer was beveled, and that the force measured here is a comparative rather than absolute measure of fruit mechanical properties.’