Definition of penecontemporaneous in English:



  • (of a process) occurring immediately after deposition of a particular stratum.

    • ‘The occurrence of penecontemporaneous flood basalt volcanism in the region further suggests that the uplift was caused by a rising mantle plume.’
    • ‘Faunal comparisons suggest a close similarity to the penecontemporaneous Gidley Quarry fauna, Montana, with a taxonomic diversity consistent with other co-eval faunas in the Western Interior of the United States.’
    • ‘The depositional facies are consistent with penecontemporaneous, explosive volcanism.’
    • ‘The unit is composed of rhythmically bedded marls, horizons of laminated organic-rich black shales, rare marly limestones, clastic turbidites, and penecontemporaneous slumps.’
    • ‘A penecontemporaneous river, the Walshville channel, restricted peat deposition along its course, and later deposited thick elastics over the peat.’


Early 20th century: from Latin paene ‘almost’ + contemporaneous.