Definition of pendulous in English:



  • Hanging down loosely:

    ‘pendulous branches’
    • ‘Most edible bananas have pendulous inflorescences (called Vazhapoo in Tamil) and are usually a dull maroon.’
    • ‘The large pendulous flower clusters of the wisteria vine are quite appealing to butterflies in late spring.’
    • ‘The many flowers are formed on a long pendulous spike and are very showy.’
    • ‘Each stem sports a large number of pendulous flowers.’
    • ‘Analyses of the photosynthetic system in pendulous leaves such as those of Eucalyptus were also made.’
    • ‘This spring-flowering species has elegant slender stems, suspended from which are pendulous bell-shaped flowers, very green in bud, opening to cream, crisscrossed with green and maroon netted markings.’
    • ‘The fringe tree is an oval-shaped single- or multitrunked native that produces pendulous panicles of white, fragrant and fringey flowers in spring.’
    • ‘The nest is often located in a willow, cottonwood, or other hardwood tree, and is a pendulous basket suspended from a thin branch that commonly hangs over water.’
    • ‘Most of the trees are leafless with just the golden pendulous flowers, while some have a mixture of gold blossoms and lovely tender green leaves tinged with a rich copper colour.’
    • ‘Seventy or eighty of them form enormous pendulous bunches, of which each tree annually ripens three.’
    • ‘In one spot deep within the gorge, the pendulous nests of green oropendolas adorn the outer branches of a tall tree growing on one of the river's small islands.’
    • ‘Sourwood decks itself with pendulous seedpods, and hazelnut displays dangling catkins in early spring.’
    • ‘Sky flower is a common name for golden dewdrop, a towering shrubby perennial with pendulous clusters of white, lavender or purple flowers followed by golden berries.’
    • ‘The varieties with pendulous growth are suitable for hanging baskets and window boxes.’
    • ‘The pollen needed to turn these flowers into pecan nuts comes from the male flowers or ‘catkins,’ 5-to 6-inch pendulous spikes growing laterally on year-old wood.’
    • ‘Also scattered along the back of the beach are clumps of windswept Horsetail She-oaks - a perfect name for these pendulous trees.’
    • ‘Although it is naturally tall, trim it each spring to make an elegant hedge with strong bushy growth, dripping with pendulous crimson flowers in summer.’
    • ‘The arrangement of pendulous petal groups has a similar appearance to that of the red-hot poker or some aloe flowers.’
    • ‘A lone tree stands in a nursery in Portland with pendulous white bells ringing from its arms.’
    • ‘There are eight arcade windows also, and they're hung now with pendulous floral arrangements of pumpkins, and little trees sprouting from lemons floating in gallons of water.’
    drooping, dangling, droopy, sagging, saggy, floppy
    hanging, suspended, supported from above, pendent
    swinging, swaying, falling, tumbling, trailing, flowing, loose, relaxed
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Early 17th century: from Latin pendulus hanging down (from pendere hang) + -ous.