Definition of Pendragon in English:



  • A title given to an ancient British or Welsh prince holding or claiming supreme power.

    • ‘In later tales of Arthur he is often given the surname Pendragon, which means ‘Dragon Chief’.’
    • ‘Before Arthur died, he had, for the most part, buried the flag of the Pendragon, the flag of Avalon, beneath a Christian banner.’
    • ‘When King Luther Pendragon heard news that his queen had given birth to a healthy son his thoughts leapt forward to a mighty kingdom under the red banner of the Pendragon.’
    • ‘The following is a mandate listed by Pendragon.’
    • ‘It was a close run thing, with Pendragon from Hampshire Brewery taking the honours.’


Welsh, literally ‘chief war-leader’, from pen ‘head’ + dragon ‘standard’.