Definition of pending in English:



  • 1Awaiting decision or settlement.

    ‘nine cases were still pending’
    • ‘A decision is pending at the present time and further review is also available by the Supreme Court.’
    • ‘The Archbishop did not reveal if further settlements were pending.’
    • ‘The convention and the agreement containing the amendments remain pending in this committee.’
    • ‘The only way to question pending decisions is by debate before the decision has been made.’
    • ‘A court is to decide Tuesday whether he should remain in jail pending trial.’
    • ‘Wait until after the opposition has passed later on Wednesday before making a final decision on a pending matter.’
    • ‘As long as this litigation was pending, uncertainty hovered over innovation like a dark cloud.’
    • ‘My decision with respect to costs shall be reserved pending receipt of written submissions from the parties.’
    • ‘Three staff members tested negative for influenza A, while the results for the remaining two were pending.’
    • ‘That path would not be open to him under pending legislation to deny benefits to illegal aliens who lied to get work.’
    • ‘However, they've just been hastily reinstalled pending further legal decisions.’
    • ‘The motions seek the court's approval to dismiss all the cases as a result of a pending settlement.’
    • ‘He claimed few people had realised the significance of the inspector's pending decision.’
    • ‘A decision from that court is pending as to how much of a role a court could claim, if any.’
    • ‘The rise is also due to the settlement of several pending claims, said a senior official.’
    • ‘He concluded that pending settlement, or trial, the proposed move was not in the children's best interests.’
    • ‘A post-mortem examination was due to be held on Tuesday and an inquest will be opened and adjourned pending inquiries.’
    • ‘The team has also applied for a U.S. patent on the technology; that decision is pending.’
    • ‘With the party leadership preoccupied with the elections the decision on his successor is pending.’
    • ‘By now the number of drink driving cases pending locally runs decisively into three figures.’
    unresolved, undecided, unsettled, unconcluded, uncertain, awaiting decision, awaiting action, undetermined, open, still open, hanging fire, in the air, up in the air, in limbo, in the balance, on ice, in reserve, in abeyance, ongoing, awaiting attention, outstanding, to be done, undone, not done, unattended to, unfinished, incomplete, left, remaining
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    1. 1.1 About to happen; imminent.
      ‘the pending lay-off of fifty staff’
      • ‘Now let's hope that that pending date falls on the near side of soon.’
      • ‘The offer is technically still pending but expected to go through.’
      • ‘Some members of Congress are bracing for what they say is a pending man-made financial disaster.’
      • ‘The upside is that having a plan actually makes my life less stressful even when there are no pending disasters.’
      • ‘Without a precautionary approach, regulatory action might have been delayed pending more compelling evidence of a risk of harm.’
      • ‘And he says there is a pending ecological disaster as the weed smothers river life.’
      imminent, impending, about to be, about to happen, forthcoming, upcoming, on the way, coming, approaching, looming, gathering, prospective, near, nearing, close, close at hand, in the offing, in the wind, to come, -to-be, anticipated, expected
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  • Until (something) happens.

    ‘they were released on bail pending an appeal’
    • ‘He served six weeks before he was granted bail pending an appeal.’
    • ‘The defendant may have been granted bail pending the preparation of reports, and absconded.’
    • ‘He was released on police bail last night pending further inquiries.’
    • ‘He was set free on Police bail pending his second trial on the original charges.’
    • ‘They agreed to give him sick leave until Monday, pending his return.’
    • ‘When they were released pending a prosecution appeal, they immediately fled the country.’
    • ‘The men, however, had been released from custody last June, pending the appeal.’
    • ‘He sought bail from that court pending the hearing of his appeal.’
    • ‘All penalties were suspended pending a crown court appeal.’
    • ‘He was charged with intimidation or assault of a flight crew and detained pending a bail hearing on Friday.’
    • ‘The four people arrested in connection with the assault have been bailed by police pending further inquiries.’
    • ‘The editor and the publisher have pleaded not guilty and were released on bail pending a hearing in May.’
    • ‘He was jailed for two months, but was released on bail pending his appeal.’
    • ‘A drunk driver has been bailed pending a police investigation.’
    • ‘The inquiry was believed to focus on establishing whether he had been paid for the locum work while he was on full pay pending an appeal against his dismissal.’
    • ‘He was granted bail last May pending the outcome of his appeal.’
    • ‘In the event, I have decided that there should be a grant of bail in this case pending the hearing of the appeal or earlier order.’
    • ‘This is an application for bail pending the hearing of an application for special leave.’
    • ‘It is very unusual to grant bail pending a matter in the Court of Criminal Appeal.’
    • ‘He was granted conditional bail pending pre-sentence reports and will be sentenced on September 12.’
    awaiting, waiting for, until, till, before, until there are, until there is
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Mid 17th century: anglicized spelling of French pendant ‘hanging’.