Definition of pendent in English:



  • 1Hanging down or overhanging.

    ‘pendent catkins’
    • ‘Community Support for older people under the 2005 scheme - Personal telephone alarm with pendent panic button.’
    • ‘The plants creep over the bark substrate and sometimes have elongate irregularly branched pendent branches.’
    • ‘At one minute you are struggling for space, and suddenly you emerge upon a Gothic-looking hall, full of gracefully pendent stalactites.’
    • ‘Assistance if now available locally to any group or individual making an application for the pendent alarm.’
    • ‘Personal telephone alarm with pendent panic button applications must be in by May 17th.’
    hanging, suspended, supported from above, dangling, pendulous, drooping, droopy, flaccid, swinging, swaying, trailing, flowing, falling, tumbling
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  • 2Remaining undecided; pending.

    ‘the use of jurisdiction to decide pendent claims’
    • ‘Additionally, they assert jurisdiction for their common-law tort claims under principles of pendent and ancillary jurisdiction.’
  • 3Grammar
    (especially of a sentence) incomplete; not having a finite verb.