Definition of pencil-thin in English:



  • Extremely thin.

    ‘a pencil-thin moustache’
    ‘delicate spears of pencil-thin asparagus’
    • ‘We refilled the hole with the new soil, taking care not to bury the tomato's pencil-thin stem.’
    • ‘Only the occasional clump of purple heather broke the wall of wood formed by the pencil-thin pines and their bushy tops.’
    • ‘To focus more attention on your eyes, Espinet recommends using a pencil-thin brush to apply cream eye shadow in smoky grays or warm earth tones to the top and bottom lash lines.’
    • ‘A quick glance at the animal's lithe body and pencil-thin arms might suggest it's a rat or a squirrel.’
    • ‘A shaky camera traces the movements of pencil-thin dark figures, themselves out-of-focus, against a blurry and snowy background.’
    • ‘He gathers pencil-thin willow branches and snips them to 1-inch lengths.’
    • ‘Over two days the scientists bombarded the painting with a powerful pencil-thin beam of X-rays.’
    • ‘To our left was a woman whose boots had crazy, scary, pencil-thin five-inch heels.’
    • ‘She has this brown face with loads of yellow hair, a big, egg-shaped body, and pencil-thin legs.’
    • ‘'The difficulty is that the 20-inch, pencil-thin snake has sought out a secure hiding spot within the Reptile House,' the Bronx Zoo director said.’