Definition of penannular in English:



  • In the form of a ring but with a small part of the circumference missing.

    ‘penannular neck ornaments’
    • ‘Other materials found during the digs were a flint knife, zoomorphic penannular brooch, decorated bone comb, bronze age pottery and arrowheads.’
    • ‘The penannular style of brooch goes back many centuries, if not millennia.’
    • ‘There is a trend towards a greater number of small penannular brooches during this period than previously.’
    • ‘A different type of Viking penannular arm-ring, smaller, plainer, and rounder in cross-section than the type found in Ireland, is commonest in hoards in Scotland and the Isle of Man.’
    • ‘Pins, buckles and discs were all being cast, but the moulds were mainly for penannular brooches.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin paene ‘almost’ + annular.