Definition of penalty rate in English:

penalty rate


NZ, Australian
  • An increased rate of pay for overtime or for work performed under abnormal conditions.

    • ‘In the absence of a specific award provision, a shift allowance is regarded as a penalty rate, that is only payable when work is performed on that shift.’
    • ‘He told the Sun Herald that weekend rates, overtime and penalty rates could be bargained away, rendering the 38-hour week entirely meaningless.’
    • ‘Many of the clergy have expressed concern about the impact of the proposed reforms on the family, on the pattern of public holidays, on the importance of overtime and penalty rates and so on.’
    • ‘The decision delivered casual workers in the metal industry increased penalty rates, improved minimum start times and access to the option of permanent employment after 6 months service.’
    • ‘Prior to the election the National Party told the public of New Zealand that the Employment Contracts Act, or its legislation, would not cut penalty rates or overtime.’