Definition of penalty box in English:

penalty box


  • 1Soccer

    another term for penalty area
    • ‘By the time the referee has sorted out all the pushing and shoving in the penalty box injury time is nearly over.’
    • ‘Finally, the goalkeeper will normally come forward and punt it aimlessly into the opposition penalty box - not before first moving the ball another several yards forward.’
    • ‘Until they reach the penalty box, Chelsea look like a team that could win the premiership’
    • ‘He also caused some distraction in their penalty box and took his goal well.’
    • ‘Yeah I know I was in line with the penalty box at that end - great view.’
  • 2Ice Hockey
    An area beside the rink reserved for penalized players and an official who records penalties.

    • ‘I'm very aggressive and very emotional, so I think I've done a good job staying out of the penalty box and taking aggressive penalties.’
    • ‘He deals only in goals, and still spends hours practising his shooting with both feet from all areas of the penalty box.’
    • ‘But they threw away a number of scoring opportunities in the penalty box area and wasted a number of stirring goal chances.’
    • ‘Both teams had high expectations coming into the season, yet have struggled because they can't stay out of the penalty box.’
    • ‘The two combatants then trundle off to the penalty box and the ‘real’ game resumes.’


penalty box