Definition of pen shell in English:

pen shell


  • A large wedge-shaped bivalve mollusc of warm seas which burrows into the seabed where it attaches itself by strong byssus threads.

    Family Pinnidae: Pinna and other genera

    • ‘Perfect for photography, the cave walls and rocky floor are filled with marine life, including pen shells and seahorses.’
    • ‘The pen shell is the largest shellfish of the Adriatic sea, with a possible length of 1200 mm.’
    • ‘Included are pen shells, pearl oysters and a young Tridacna.’
    • ‘The top of this elegant accent table is hand-laid with pen shell to create an artistic pattern.’
    • ‘Modern pinnoideans, or ‘pen shells,’ are shallowly to deeply endobyssate, equivalved, edentulous, ham-shaped bivalves with a single, slightly submerged, opisthodetic ligament.’