Definition of pen-pusher in English:



  • A person with a clerical job involving a lot of tedious and repetitive paperwork.

    • ‘It is easy to dismiss middle managers as bureaucratic pen-pushers.’
    • ‘He closes with a scathing remark about the number of pen-pushers at the defense department.’
    • ‘They might have to hire more front-line staff, cut the pen-pushers and be prepared to work closer with community groups.’
    • ‘A country that does not produce its own goods can quickly become nothing more than a nation of glorified pen-pushers.’
    • ‘Just how many of the redundancies will be clinical or nursing staff, and how many will be pen-pushers and bureaucrats?’
    • ‘We don't want another well-paid tier of useless pen-pushers.’
    • ‘A young man in his late 20s approached the pen-pushers.’
    • ‘We have far too many pen-pushers and nowhere near enough cleaners and maintenance staff.’
    • ‘They defy the myth of public sector pen-pushers meddling in business affairs they know nothing about.’
    • ‘Front-line nurses, doctors and teachers are more important than pen-pushers.’
    writer, feature writer, contributor, journalist, correspondent, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newsman, newswoman
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