Definition of pemmican in English:



mass noun
  • A pressed cake of pounded dried meat mixed to a paste with melted fat and other ingredients, originally made by North American Indians and later adapted by Arctic explorers.

    • ‘These slabs may have been used in the manufacture of pemmican, for pounding dried meat into a powder or for breaking bison bones.’
    • ‘Having partaken heartily of frozen pemmican, I stuffed my pocket, bundled the rest into a bag on the sledge, and started off in high glee, stimulated in body and mind.’
    • ‘Native Americans once used the fruit to make pemmican, a type of meat jerky.’
    • ‘It was also made into pemmican, a mixture of ground buffalo meat, service berries, and marrow grease.’
    • ‘They were mostly French Canadians, they drank lake water mixed with wine and ate nothing but buffalo pemmican, and they sang the land alive.’


From Cree pimecan, from pime ‘fat’.