Definition of pelvis in English:



  • 1The large bony frame near the base of the spine to which the hindlimbs or legs are attached in humans and many other vertebrates.

    • ‘Key to skeletal balance, a sense of orientation and muscular coordination, the balanced pelvis forms a rim-like base for the spinal vertebrae, rib cage, shoulder girdle and head.’
    • ‘He lived only ten weeks after his diagnosis, the disease having already metastasized to his spine and bony pelvis, femur, skull, and tibia.’
    • ‘In addition, the attachment between the pelvis and the vertebral column enlarged to provide additional strength in response to an increase in the amount of force generated by the hind limbs.’
    • ‘It also puts the pelvis and spine into the neutral position and decreases stress on structures such as the intervertebral discs and nerve roots along the spine.’
    • ‘Since the two iliac bones are bound strongly together at the centre front, the bony pelvis (sacrum and iliac bones) can only be tilted as a whole by movement at the hip joints and by bending the spine.’
    • ‘She says that the relationship of the pelvis to the spine and the limbs is fundamental to most contemporary dance techniques.’
    • ‘The remains include a complete tibia and shoulder blade, as well as parts of a femur, ribs, vertebrae, collarbone and pelvis, as well as an ankle bone.’
    • ‘About a million people in the UK have the illness, which leads to accelerated bone growth, particularly in the skull, pelvis, spine, thighs and shins.’
    • ‘This forms a joint with the pelvis (hip bone) on either side, called the sacroiliac joint.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, it is unusual among vertebrates for the pelvis to play an active role in inspiration.’
    • ‘It had already metastasized to his spinal column and his bony pelvis, femurs, skull, and tibia.’
    • ‘The bullet lodged near his pelvis and cannot be safely removed.’
    • ‘The two pubic bones are the hub of a network of muscles, tendons and tissues at the base of the pelvis.’
    • ‘Maintain this relationship between your pelvis and spine throughout each exercise.’
    • ‘But they feel for the upper part of their pelvis, the bony part, and the lower part of the rib cage, and that's the space in which they're measuring.’
    • ‘Laterally, anteriorly and posteriorly the pelvis is bony and significant support is provided through ligaments.’
    • ‘In the case of your son's groin strain, your osteopath would be checking your son's sacro-iliac joints, his lumbar spine and all the muscles that attach to his pelvis.’
    • ‘A computed tomographic scan showed several osteoblastic and osteolytic lesions in vertebral bodies and the pelvis, compatible with metastases.’
    • ‘The research is based on a dinosaur pelvis that contains a single pair of shelled eggs inside the body cavity.’
    • ‘While in radiology, a computed tomographic scan-guided needle biopsy of a tumor nodule in the bony pelvis was conducted.’
    1. 1.1 The part of the abdomen including or enclosed by the pelvis.
      • ‘Laparoscopy uses small incisions and telescope like instruments are used to view the pelvis and abdomen.’
      • ‘The car has seven airbags, which include side curtain airbags and a large new side airbag for the front seats that protects the torso, abdomen and pelvis.’
      • ‘Rectal examination is essential if the medical history suggests a disorder in the lower abdomen, pelvis, lower rectal or anal region.’
      • ‘In July 2001, repeat computed tomographic scans of the neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis were unchanged.’
      • ‘Although you should generally avoid X-rays during pregnancy, a lead apron that covers your pelvis and abdomen can shield your unborn baby.’
      • ‘The nerves to the legs come from the spinal nerve roots that form the lumbar plexus and the sacral plexus, and which lie deep against the back of the abdomen and the pelvis.’
      • ‘After receipt of the pathology report, computed tomograms of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis showed no other lesions or evidence of metastatic disease.’
      • ‘A computed tomography of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis did not show any tumor masses or lymphadenopathy.’
      • ‘Computed tomography scans of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis showed a nodular density in the lung but no other abnormalities.’
      • ‘No other abnormalities were seen in the pelvis, abdomen, or chest cavity.’
      • ‘Radiographic studies, including computed tomographic scans of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis, were consistent with acute appendicitis.’
      • ‘They are usually found in groups in different places throughout the body, including the neck, armpit, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and groin.’
      • ‘In the hours following treatment, your child may experience gastrointestinal upset if he or she received radiation treatment to the pelvis or abdomen.’
      • ‘Often women have an ultrasound examination of the pelvis and abdomen primarily to exclude gynaecological or pelvic pathology.’
      • ‘A computed tomographic scan of the abdomen and the pelvis showed subtle lymph node enlargement in the retroperitoneum.’
      • ‘The results of a computed tomography of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis performed after surgery as well as the results of a bone marrow biopsy were negative.’
      • ‘Several surgical procedures of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, back, and limbs are described.’
      • ‘One month postoperatively, however, a computed tomograhic scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis demonstrated a new pelvic mass.’
      • ‘Computed tomographic scans of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis revealed hepatosplenomegaly and several small retroperitoneal lymph nodes.’
      • ‘This misplaced tissue may be found on the ovaries, uterus, bowel, pelvis and abdomen.’
  • 2The broadened top part of the ureter into which the kidney tubules drain.

    • ‘Abdominal magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography identified a large mass in the left kidney and numerous obstructing blood clots in the left renal pelvis, left ureter, and urinary bladder.’
    • ‘The etiologic workup, which was composed of an abdominal ultrasonographic examination and a computed tomography study, showed a cystic mass posterior to the uterus with a secondary dilatation of the renal pelvis and ureter.’
    • ‘On the posterior abdominal wall, the left renal pelvis and kidney are seen.’
    • ‘Reflux that extends into the renal pelvis and calyces and is associated with moderate ureteral, renal pelvic, and calyceal dilation.’
    • ‘In our cases, both neoplasms were located in the lamina propria of the renal pelvis, lifting and denuding the urothelium.’
    • ‘A fracture of the pelvis may tear the urethra and/or rupture the bladder.’
    • ‘An atypical hydronephrotic type may have isolated ureteral atresia with multiple cysts communicating with a dilated renal pelvis with dysplastic renal tissue forming trabeculae between the cysts.’
    • ‘An intravenous urogram revealed a filling defect in the right renal pelvis, and cystoscopy showed blood emerging from the right ureteric orifice only.’
    • ‘The nephrectomy specimen revealed a dilated renal pelvis and ureter.’
    • ‘The most common site of an ectopic kidney is in the pelvis, rarely it can be too high and in the chest - a thoracic kidney.’
    • ‘No changes were found in the renal pelvis, ureter, and urinary bladder samples.’
    • ‘The renal pelvis, calyces, and renal vein were grossly uninvolved.’
    • ‘The filtered material passes to the kidney pelvis, which connects to the ureter.’
    • ‘This protocol applies to carcinomas of the urinary bladder, ureter, and renal pelvis.’
    • ‘Tumor infiltration of the renal pelvis and renal parenchyma was noted, along with extension through the renal capsule into the renal sinus and invasion into the main renal vein.’
    • ‘The urine passes as droplets from tiny pores in the papillae into the renal pelvis and finally the ureter, which carries it to the urinary bladder.’
    • ‘As the stone drops from the renal pelvis, down the ureter to the ureterovesical junction, most patients have dysuria, and urinary urgency and frequency.’
    • ‘Filtrate, at this point identical to urine, passes through the renal pelvis and into the ureter to the bladder where it is excreted.’
    • ‘The renal vein, renal pelvis, and ureter were free of tumor.’
    • ‘Neither the hilar structures nor the renal pelvis were involved.’


Early 17th century: from Latin, literally basin.