Definition of pelvimetry in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Measurement of the dimensions of the bony pelvis, undertaken chiefly to help determine whether a woman can give birth normally or will require a caesarean section.

    • ‘Not enough evidence is available to support the use of x-ray pelvimetry in patients whose fetuses have cephalic presentations.’
    • ‘A randomized controlled trial showed that radiographic pelvimetry is not able to reliably predict the route of delivery.’
    • ‘If there is the slightest question of disproportion, or a fetal position that is not easily diagnosed we immediately resort to x-ray films, ranging from scout films to radiographic pelvimetry.’
    • ‘Radiographic pelvimetry alone as a predictor of dystocia has not been shown to have benefit and, therefore, is not recommended.’
    • ‘During the early part of this century, before Caesarean sections were commonplace or indeed safe, pelvimetry (measurements of the maternal pelvis) was frequently employed in an attempt to predict the outcome of labour.’