Definition of pelvic floor in English:

pelvic floor


  • The muscular base of the abdomen, attached to the bony pelvis.

    as modifier ‘exercises to strengthen your pelvic-floor muscles’
    • ‘Pregnant women may be able to shorten their labor and delivery times and risk of episiotomy by strengthening their pelvic-floor muscles in advance.’
    • ‘Complex nerve messages are sent between the brain, the bladder, and the pelvic floor muscles.’
    • ‘The problem of urinary incontinence in women, including genuine stress urinary incontinence, can be treated effectively with training of the pelvic floor muscles.’
    • ‘The movements strengthen the muscles of back, waist, abdomen and the pelvic floor.’
    • ‘The best thing to do to stop it is to strengthen the pelvic-floor muscles by doing exercises every day.’
    • ‘Researchers and women's advocates say that recommending cesarean section to prevent future pelvic-floor damage is premature and extreme.’
    • ‘If you have muscle spasms, you can learn exercises to help strengthen and relax your pelvic floor muscles.’
    • ‘Pelvic floor exercises help to firm and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles thus improving bladder control by reducing urine seepage, or even to the extent of halting leakage.’
    • ‘Your pelvic-floor muscles are the group that spasm when you orgasm.’
    • ‘The pelvic floor muscles play an important role in bladder and bowel control.’
    • ‘These will help speed up recovery and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are needed to help maintain control over urination.’
    • ‘Smooth muscle contractions of the reproductive tract and contractions of striated muscles of the pelvic floor are supposed to be the cause of sensations of orgasm.’
    • ‘Pelvic floor exercises (also known Kegel exercises) are the best way to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.’
    • ‘It also provides motor innervation to the striated pelvic floor muscles, which contract during sexual arousal and orgasm.’
    • ‘A kegel (pronounced kay-gul) exercise consists of contracting the pelvic-floor muscles in the same way that you would to stop the flow of urine.’
    • ‘Pelvic floor exercises concern re-education of the pelvic floor muscles by encouraging women to voluntarily contract their pelvic floor muscles.’
    • ‘Doctors recommend urinating regularly, drinking plenty of water and cutting back on acidic beverages, in addition to doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic-floor muscles.’
    • ‘Men and women can do pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.’
    • ‘It is girdled by the external anal sphincter, a striated muscle structure that is part of the pelvic floor musculature.’
    • ‘Conservative treatments, centring on retraining the pelvic floor musculature, have been shown to be effective among older women with stress incontinence.’


pelvic floor