Definition of peltate in English:



  • 1Shield-shaped.

    • ‘The density of peltate glandular trichomes on the abaxial surface of a fully developed leaf is typically about 1600 per cm.’
    • ‘This fertile zone consists of an internode bearing small sporangiophores with peltate sporophyll shields.’
    • ‘The glandular trichomes were peltate glands, consisting of medullar and cortical cells, which differed structurally.’
    • ‘Reports indicate that, within the family, different species can have both peltate and capitate trichomes, peltate or capitate only or, more rarely, neither.’
    • ‘Druses were common throughout the mesophyll tissues, and peltate, glandular trichomes were present on both epidermises.’
    1. 1.1 (of a leaf) more or less circular, with the stalk attached at a point on the underside.
      • ‘The glandular trichomes of birch leaves belong to the peltate type and consisted of cortical and medullar cells, tightly covered by cuticle, which had no ruptures in young trichomes.’