Definition of pellitory in English:



  • 1A European plant of the nettle family with greenish flowers, which grows on or at the foot of walls or in stony places.

    • ‘Results of earlier prick tests and radioallergosorbent tests were positive for wall pellitory and grasses, and the tests resulted in a mild increase in peripheral blood eosinophil counts (0.6-0.7 x 10 / l (6-7%)).’
  • 2A plant of the daisy family, Anacyclus pyrethrum, with a pungent root, once used as a remedy for toothache.


Late Middle English: pellitory apparently an alteration of obsolete parietary, from Old French paritaire, based on Latin paries, pariet- wall; pellitory probably a variant of obsolete pelleter, via Old French from Latin pyrethrum pyrethrum.