Definition of pellicle in English:



  • A thin skin, cuticle, membrane, or film.

    • ‘However, in the dry type, the pellicle and cuticle remain intact in the functional phase, whereas they become discontinuous in the wet type.’
    • ‘Young papillae are covered with a pellicle - cuticle layer and contain starch grains.’
    • ‘Proline-rich proteins' coat the teeth with a thin layer - pellicle - that serves as a protective diffusion barrier on the tooth surface.’
    • ‘The semitransparent pellicle did not interfere with the participant's interceptive movement.’
    • ‘It should be noted that the inner shell wall of ammonoids was lined by an organic membrane or pellicle, a porous sheet consisting of numerous interwoven organic fibers.’


Late Middle English: from French pellicule, from Latin pellicula ‘small piece of skin’, diminutive of pellis.