Definition of Peking opera in English:

Peking opera


mass noun
  • A stylized Chinese form of opera dating from the late 18th century, in which speech, singing, mime, and acrobatics are performed to an instrumental accompaniment.

    • ‘The same is true with the various types of Chinese opera, with Peking opera taking the lead.’
    • ‘Some practised singing Peking opera and played roles in private circles as amateurs.’
    • ‘The colors of the silk clothing play with old symbolisms, hidden speakers whisper to their creator and play melodies from the Peking opera.’
    • ‘Others sing Peking opera under the trees along the river.’
    • ‘Nowhere else in Canada will theatre goers experience the art form of Peking opera performed in English and Mandarin with English subtitles projected on a screen.’
    • ‘In that piece, he combined Peking opera, Western opera and Japanese traditional puppet theater.’
    • ‘The program will feature Japanese and Korean drummers, a Peking opera performance and a traditional Chinese dance and acrobat performance.’
    • ‘I love Peking opera - I think it is very expressive with the beautifully-decorated costumes and unique characters.’
    • ‘After a village childhood and two years planting rice during the Cultural Revolution, he developed his musical skills in the provincial Peking opera troupe.’
    • ‘In a technical and physical challenge, the dancers perform Peking opera gestures and movements at the same time as they dance ballet steps.’