Definition of pejoratively in English:



  • See pejorative

    • ‘‘Bias’ is usually used pejoratively; I would use it to mean reporting news in a way that is in fact slanted, while purporting to report it neutrally.’
    • ‘In Britain and Ireland it remains a word one would only use pejoratively.’
    • ‘You often hear the term ‘moral relativism’ used pejoratively compared to the continued use of the morality of 2000 years ago.’
    • ‘All employ the services of what we pejoratively call ‘spin doctors’, to try to ensure that their particular point of view gets a full airing in the media, hopefully to the exclusion of less favourable accounts.’
    • ‘She too does not address it, though she does refer pejoratively to ‘boilerplate’ form contracts.’