Definition of peggy square in English:

peggy square


  • A small knitted woollen square, numbers of which are sewn together to make blankets.

    ‘children knitted peggy squares and women knitted balaclavas for the troops’
    • ‘They sold quilts, peggy square blankets, handknits, doileys and embroidered cloths.’
    • ‘Her bedspread was made out of scores of Peggy squares.’
    • ‘I love old textiles - woollen blankets, handstitched doileys, crochet peggy square blankets, florals and old school prints, distressed furniture.’
    • ‘Every evening I knitted peggy squares, which were the simplest things I could think of.’
    • ‘I remember my first Peggy squares being full of mistakes.’
    • ‘Why would you suddenly want to knit peggy squares just because you're eighty-five.’
    • ‘Articles of clothing of all descriptions, but especially warm underwear, and peggy-squares for rugs.’
    • ‘I am so glad I started collecting peggy square blankets last year as their popularity is making them scarce as hens' teeth and expensive.’
    • ‘A Peggy square blanket: this is only a quarter of the size and its very solid but soft feeling.’
    • ‘They had afternoons sitting together making quilts for mission hospitals out of peggy squares.’


1930s: from the name of Peggy Huse (1926–1994), who was associated with popularizing the squares during the 1930s Depression.


peggy square

/ˈpɛɡi ˌskwɛː/