Definition of peg something out in English:

peg something out

phrasal verb

  • Mark the boundaries of an area of land.

    ‘I went out to peg out our assembly area’
    • ‘Rex Watkins the siting coordinator said most of the site had been pegged out and numbered and he is confident the registration process will go smoothly.’
    • ‘The first opal claims were pegged out but, as a result of the unbearable heat and the lack of water, work was abandoned within three weeks.’
    • ‘It was expected to remain a small town and as a result only twenty-four townblocks were pegged out.’
    • ‘It is essential the site is pegged out before the planning committee visits it, to eliminate any confusion.’
    • ‘Within a few days claims were pegged out, tents went up and a blacksmith opened up for business.’
    • ‘The new kitchen is pegged out and a safety fence is going up tomorrow!’