Definition of peewee in English:



  • 1Any of a number of birds with a call that resembles the word ‘peewee’.

    • ‘From the Atlantic coastline to the Pocomoke River and Forest, Worcester is home to pelicans and peewees, kingbirds and cuckoos, and herons, harriers, and eagles.’
    1. 1.1Australian
      another term for magpie lark
      • ‘Queenslanders must give up peewees, South Australians desist talking about Murray Magpies and I must stop enjoying Mudlarks.’
      • ‘I think the scalies appreciate it too… and the native pigeons, the possums, the tree snakes, and the peewees.’
    2. 1.2Scottish The northern lapwing.
    3. 1.3North American
      variant of pewee
  • 2North American usually as modifier A level of amateur sport, involving children aged eight or nine (in the US) or twelve or thirteen (in Canada)

    ‘a peewee baseball team’
    • ‘In the game's final 14 minutes, Gretzky did whatever he pleased, toying with the league's best as if they were a peewee team.’
    • ‘This isn't peewee football, where teams are grouped into age categories because of the huge advantages older kids have (in size, strength, speed, and coordination) over younger ones.’
    • ‘Promotional costs - for example, sponsoring a peewee football team - are also deductible as long as there is a clear connection between the sponsorship and your business.’
    • ‘We were in the peewee semifinals for all of Ontario.’
    • ‘He has been snapping so long - since his peewee days - that he knows how to grip the ball to make it spin into the holder's hands so the laces won't be a problem.’
    • ‘He played T-ball, then moved on to peewee baseball, and played on the high school team since he was in seventh grade at the middle school.’
    • ‘He sponsors an Urban League girls basketball league and an AAU boys travel team, and he bought equipment last year for a peewee football team.’
    • ‘I was winning science fairs left and right, getting my picture in the paper for spelling bees and peewee football games, and many more little achievements of mine.’
    • ‘Last season he coached the peewee team to the league title but fell to rivals Surrey and Richmond in the provincial playdowns.’
    • ‘I hadn't done that in front of my dad since my last year in peewee football.’
    • ‘Then I'd come home, and there would be peewee soccer or Little League.’
    • ‘The penultimate sibling in a brood of four girls and three boys reared by Karen Dawsey, Brackins is 9 when he first puts on football pads for a peewee league team.’
    • ‘Ferrell plays Phil, a peewee soccer coach driven to insanity by his scarily competitive relationship with his father.’
    • ‘On either side of the play-park was a green park where people usually walked their dogs, or went for walks on sunny afternoons, or hosted peewee practice for numerous sports.’
    • ‘Good things apparently come in twos as well as threes - at least when it comes to the North Shore Winter Club's Winterhawks peewee hockey teams.’
    • ‘I remember one time I scored seven goals in a peewee game when I was eight.’
    • ‘The top three in peewee barrel racing were Tyler Scherger, Wyatt Branden and Brecken Tulloch with times of 18.433, 19.136 and 19.194 seconds respectively.’
    • ‘You can come, but I've got to have you home by six for peewee practice.’
    • ‘I would hold a team meeting and ask each of the rookies to recount the moments when they really came through under pressure - whether it was in peewee golf, college or on tour.’
    • ‘It's like a peewee golf course for fishermen.’
    1. 2.1 A player at a peewee level of sport.
      • ‘They have beaten Western goliaths, such as the Spurs and Lakers, but have lost to peewees, such as the Bulls and Grizzlies.’
      • ‘Taekwon-Do classes for peewees are held in the Leisure Centre on Mondays and Wednesday from 5 to 6pm.’
  • 3A small marble.


Mid 19th century (in peewee (sense 3 of the noun)); peewee (sense 1 of the noun) is imitative; peewee (sense 2 of the noun, are from wee, by reduplication.