Definition of peer pressure in English:

peer pressure

(also peer group pressure)


mass noun
  • Influence from members of one's peer group.

    ‘his behaviour was affected by drink and peer pressure’
    • ‘The power of peer pressure can be gauged by the automatic and predictable responses to challenges.’
    • ‘But there is no peer pressure that you should read, play an instrument or that you should go to exhibitions.’
    • ‘Yet she agrees they are highly susceptible to peer pressure.’
    • ‘It has become common to find even girls in pubs because of peer pressure and the influence of TV and films.’
    • ‘In science, as in so many fields, peer pressure and ridicule are tough to bear.’
    • ‘The power of peer pressure is that it works on our psychology, not our intellect.’
    • ‘They also require voters to tell the truth - despite intimidation and strong peer pressure on both sides.’
    • ‘Fitting in often meant dealing with peer pressure to use drugs or drink alcohol or pick on other students.’
    • ‘At this age they are less likely to feel influenced by peer pressure, said researchers.’
    • ‘But isn't a little bit of exposure to peer pressure and bullying a part of preparation for adulthood?’
    • ‘Some of this is part of an adolescent revolt against authority dictated by peer pressure.’
    • ‘Otherwise he argues, more will continue to start drinking at an early age and will become victims of peer pressure.’
    • ‘Medical decisions should be made outside the influence of alcohol or peer pressure.’
    • ‘Perhaps peer pressure is the biggest influence in this respect but where do they get their attitudes from?’
    • ‘Some players tease him, but Paul brushes off peer pressure without dismissing his peers.’
    • ‘At the impressionable ages between 13 and 16 peer pressure is the biggest influence.’
    • ‘At the age of twelve I was influenced by peer pressure and started to drink cider which is a popular drink among young people as it is cheap and strong.’
    • ‘This would teach them about humility and the appreciation of life without getting involved with aggression and peer pressure.’
    • ‘Factors like peer pressure and the accessibility of cigarettes might lead them to try smoking.’
    • ‘The myth is perpetuated that the young are beyond adult control, governed solely by peer pressure.’